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Children face health challenges as they develop, including threats to their dental health and wellness. During this formative period, you must do everything you can to protect your child's teeth and mouth from disease or damage. Regular dental exams from the age of 1 onward can make all the difference, which is why we're proud to offer these exams here at Youth Dental & Vision.

Woman getting a Dental ExamWhy Youth Dental Exams Are So Important

It is all too easy to assume that children might not have the same dental issues as adults, especially if their baby teeth are just coming in. However, problems can and do occur from a very early age; in fact, an increasing number of preschool-age children are getting cavities, including some 2-year-olds. Thumb sucking is another childhood habit that affects tooth alignment, while childhood explorations and playtime can lead to accidents that can damage the teeth.

Regular children dental exams play a crucial role catching and addressing any issues in the teeth, gums or oral cavity that might lead to ever-worsening problems if untreated. They also allow our youth dentist in Denver, Dr. Kuhn, to educate both and your child on best practices for dental hygiene, health and safety. This knowledge can continue to yield benefits for life.

A Typical Dental Exam

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your child should have that all-important first dental exam on his/her first birthday or when he/she gets his/her first tooth, whichever comes first. In these early-stage "well baby exams," you'll have the baby in your lap, facing you, as you lean back in the chair. This lets your baby see your face while we look inside his mouth for any signs of oral abnormalities, bite issues, or tooth stains.

As more teeth come in, we may administer fluoride treatment and/or place sealants over the teeth to guard against cavities. A tooth cleaning is commonly performed to remove any plaque or tartar that might harbor bacteria. Our dentist will be happy to counsel your child on tooth-friendly habits, from brushing and flossing to choosing the right snacks and beverages for a lifetime of dental wellness. If a problem is found, rest assured that we provide prompt, safe, kid-friendly care.

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