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Comprehensive Eye Exams Provided by Our Optometrist in Denver, CO

Eye exams are a vital aspect of keeping your eyes healthy and vision up to par. A routine vision exam can help you find the ideal prescription for you and detect eye issues early when treatment is still possible. So what can you expect during eye exams provided by Youth Dental & Vision, serving Denver, Aurora, Thornton, and the surrounding area?

Woman getting an eye examGeneral Information about Eye Exams

Eye exams are routine evaluations of your vision and eyes. They help detect vision issues early to reduce the possibility of complications. The screenings determine your prescription, so you can clearly see while fittings ensure your glasses or contacts fit comfortably.

At different stages of your life, you're at risk for different vision and eye health issues, so we offer eye exams for people of all ages; from children to seniors. Our optometrist focuses on the presence of myopia in children while presbyopia is a common concern for adults over the age of 40. When your child is young, he or she may have a lazy eye while individuals over the age of 40 are at risk for developing cataracts. 

Types of Eye Exams We Offer

We offer our patients a vision screening using a phoropter. Our eye doctor positions different lenses in front of your eyes. He asks you to read which one appears clearest to you in order to determine the strength of your prescription. Next, our optometrist asks you which lenses appears clearer in order to detect astigmatism.

Our optometrist also offers a comprehensive eye examination to evaluate the health of your eyes. During this portion of the eye exam, the doctor may dilate your pupils using an eye drop. This allows the specialist to see inside of your eye, including the back portion known as the retina. Our eye doctor may use a device that blows air into your eye to check for glaucoma. 

Additionally, our optometrist supplies our patients with contact lens exams. These tests measures your eye for contacts, so you get a prescription that fits you well and that you see great with. The measurement of your eye for the best fitting contact lens is done by computers. All that is required for you to do is look straight ahead into a machine that takes measurements of your eyes. We will also take new visual measurements to make sure that you see as well with your contacts as you do  with glasses. At the end of the exam, the doctor has all the measurements you need such as your base curve (BC) and possibly cylinder (CYL) if you have astigmatism. We will also teach all our patients to properly insert and remove their lenses along with giving them proper directions on storage and replacement so the risk of contact lens related problems is minimal. At the end of the contact lens exam, you can feel confident knowing you have a great pair of lenses that you can wear every day without issue. 

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